Anodising and Coloured Anodising

Badger Anodising offers a standard range of colours, Silver, Brass, Titanium, Gold, Red, Violet, Green, Blue, Orange, Bronze and Black. 

We also offer a “Stainless Steel” look for aluminium which is becoming increasingly popular with our customers and has been used in applications such as cooker handles, fascia’s, car trims and display systems.

The size and range of colours is shown below:


For metal lengths up to 2.8 metres

  1. Etch Silver Anodising
  2. Etch Black Anodising
  3. Etch Brass Anodising


For metal lengths up to 1.3 metres

  1. Bright Silver Anodising
  2. Bright Black Anodising
  3. Bright Brass Anodising
  4. Etch or Bright Stainless Steel Anodising


For metal lengths up to 1 metre

  1. Etch or Bright Gold Anodising
  2. Etch or Bright Blue Anodising
  3. Etch or Bright Red Anodising
  4. Etch or Bright Purple Anodising
  5. Etch or Bright Green Anodising
  6. Etch or Bright Orange


We are happy to produce samples using your own parts if you require.

If you require longer lengths we sub-contract to approved suppliers.

Please be aware that these colour samples are shown solely as a guide and we cannot guarantee that a perfect colour match can be achieved from the sample to the final product.

Also note that due to the varying nature of alloys and dyes we cannot guarantee colour consistency between orders over time or across large batches. We can guarantee that we will endeavour to minimise the variations as much as is in our control.