Anodising and Coloured Anodising

Anodising is a process used on aluminium and other types of metals to thicken and toughen the protective oxide layer of metals, resulting in a very hard substance that is second only to diamond. The resulting finish also allows for secondary infusions, such as colouring. Colour anodising is used for a variety of purposes other than to enhance the appearance of decorative hardware. Typically, this process is also employed for its anti-corrosive effects and for its ability to simplify assembly procedures, in effect, reducing assembly and installation errors.

Badger Anodising offers a standard range of colours shown in the picture which includes: Silver, Brass, Gold, Red, Violet, Green, Blue, Orange and Black. We offer a “stainless steel” look for aluminium; the application techniques are classified into three types, namely, sulphuric acid-anodising, hard anodising and chromium acid anodising. The stainless steel finish has proved very popular with varied manufacturers who produce cooker handles, fascias, car trims and display systems. Anodised aluminium is considered a high performance metal; it is fairly affordable, requires minimal maintenance, and if well preserved, the finish does not chip or peel. By simply rinsing the anodised surface, the item will look as good as new.

In comparison with regular spray painted items, anodised products have an exceptionally longer service life in outdoor applications provided that they are not exposed to excessive amounts of pollution. The anodising process does not only ensure longevity but also guaranteed protection from rust and recyclability of the anodised aluminium. There is, however, a possibility that colour anodised products can discolour over time and require retouches when exposed to too much sunlight.

Colour anodising is safe, non-toxic and not hazardous to human health. It is also chemically stable and heat-resistant to the melting point of aluminium. Badger Anodising offers different colours depending on the dimensions of the surface.
For metal lengths up to 2.8 metres

For metal lengths up to 1.3 metres

For metal lengths up to 1 metre

We are happy to produce samples using your own parts if you require.

The size and range of products are shown below.

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